Termas do Estoril

Welcome to the "Termas do Estoril"

Thermal therapy has returned to the heart of Estoril with this superb thermal spa staffed by an expert multidisciplinary clinical team all working towards the same goal: your health.

Here you will benefit from the therapeutic properties of spa waters that have been recognised for centuries and their efficacy in the prevention and treatment of diseases of the respiratory tract, muscles, joints and skin.

Here you can also benefit from the most modern equipment and medical spa techniques as well as personalised clinical and therapeutic supervision.

To be a European benchmark in thermal treatment through innovation, quality service and evolution of the thermal model, with a view to becoming a leading Portuguese spa distinguished by design and modernity.

To prevent and cure respiratory, dermatological and musculoskeletal diseases through the administration of spa techniques and the characteristics of Estoril thermal spa water.

Excellence in medical hydrology services and customer support; credibility and confidence in the results of the application of spa techniques; professional excellence, integrity, honesty and dedication to spa services; dedication to health and wellness through clinical research.

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