Cookie Policy

Our website uses cookies, and other tracking tools. These” are stored in your browser and record information that allows us to:
  • serve some features, such as viewing videos from our Vimeo and Youtube channel;
  • monitor your online activity and behavior;
  • understand and improve the user experience on our website and understand the pages and subjects that are of most interest through page view statistics and the path traveled by users on the site.
They are mainly used for statistical purposes and monitoring of users on our website and navigation to other digital media of magaworks, such as our social networks. All data collected is not sold to any entity external to our company. They are only for internal use of Hotel Palácio Estoril.
Type of Cookies
Most of the data collected in this way does not allow us to know who the particular user is, although they allow us to know some personal data about the user, such as where they are located, the browser they use, and other similar data. They may be interconnected (eg website cookies with newsletter cookies), and in this way let us know for example that a specific user has clicked a link in our ne
Statistics and monitoring cookies:

Google analytics: for tracking user behavior. These cookies are stored for 14 consecutive months. You can read the google analytics privacy policy here: And learn how you can deactivate google analytics tracking tools in this official google link.

Vimeo and You tube Cookies: Functional cookies for viewing videos from the vimeo and youtube channel and for collecting views statistics.

Social networking cookies (Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc.) to understand how users share our content and whether they visit our pages on social networks. It lets us know if users navigate from social networks to our website and vice versa, and know if they share our content in their social profiles

Other cookies and tracking tools:

Our newsletter contains pixel gifs, known by web beacons. These are image files that contain a specific identifier that allows us to recognize the subscriber and whether the subscriber opened or clicked on our newsletter. These technologies record the user’s email and allow us to address new emails according to their behavior in previously sent emails. 

They also allow us to register for this subscriber, their IP, opening date and time or click on the email sent from the newsletter. We use these records for statistical purposes and sometimes to determine the sending of new emails tracking your behavior in response to prior behavior.
Mailchimp’s cookies and tracking tools are registered in the browser, as long as the user keeps his active registration and interacts with our newsletters. By subscribing to our newsletter you are accepting the use of these technologies. You can not disable these tools, but most of them require active cookies in your browser for proper operation.
What do we do with the cookie information?
Registering cookies over time allows us to know: 1. how many users are new users (they came for the first time) 2. how many users are coming back to our site again; 3. how often our content is viewed or shared on social networks; 4. how much time, on average, you spend on our website; 5. which subscribers to our newsletter most interact with our content; 6. what content is of greatest interest to the users of our website.
What does all this cookie information mean?
By visiting and browsing our website or subscribing to our newsletter, you are accepting the use and registration of these cookies for the purposes described. You can always turn off your browser’s cookies and continue browsing our website without registering any data about your visit. Viewing our website does not mean that you allow cookies, but if you do not block them, please be aware that cookies are being stored in your broswer for our monitoring. By blocking these tracking tools you can continue to view our website normally and may lose some functionality.
You can delete all cookies in your browser or block them at all in general. For more information, see You can delete all cookies already installed on your computer or mobile device or enable the option available in most browser browsers, and it prevents the installation of cookies. In this way you lose all your saved preferences (on our website or others), having to select them every time you visit the websites, and you risk deactivating certain features. The visualization of the contents of our webite in general is not compromised in any way with the deactivation of the cookies.