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Programme Estoril Wellness Center

Luxury Retreats
Sense of Wellness at the Palácio Estoril Wellness Center

Discover complete rejuvenation with the exclusively crafted Palácio Wellness programmes experience.
Enjoy pure indulgence over 3 to 7 days programmes at the luxurious Sanctuary Palácio Estoril Wellness Center.
Learn from experts in diferente wellness & health related fields such as specialists from the award-winning Banyan Tree Spa Academy.
Designed to meet all your needs with inclusions sich as health and wellness consultations, pampering spa treatmentys, healthy cuisine, fitness classes, beauty rejuvenating cares and hydrotherapy treatments rediscover wellness in the luxurious surrounds of the Palácio Estoril facilities. 
Take your pick from a selection of our Spa, Wellness and Fitness packages and relish in a quiet time to recharge and improve your overall health.



Estoril Wellness Center Brochure

Beauty Booster 3 Tage

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Detox 4 Tage

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Wellness Programm 5 Tage

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Healthy Ageing Programm 7 Tage

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De-Stress 7 Tage

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Slimming 7 Tage

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Pilates Reformer Break

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Fitness Break 4 Tage

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Palácio Yoga Break 4 Tage

Our luxury Yoga Break is an invigorating way to improve your health and unwind in peaceful and idyllic surroundings. 

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Spezielle physische Rehabilitation 7 Nächte

The growing needs for a better quality of life, and for a balance between body and mind, justifies the importance of an integrated health monitoring

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Valentine's 2020

An inspirational offer for a special moment!

From 6th to 17th February, at Palácio Estoril Hotel, every day is Valentine's Day. Let yourself be surprised with a romantic stay in a very special place.

Programme Wellness & Spa

- Beauty Booster - 3 Tage
- Detox -  3 Tage
- Wellness Programm - 5 Tage
- Healthy-Ageing Programm - 7 Tage
- De-Stress - 7 Tage
- Slimming - 7 Tage
- Programm 3 Tage Golf & Spa
- Fitness Break - 4 Tage
- Pamper - 2 Tage
- Palácio Banyan Retreat - 5 Tage
- Beauty und Verjüngung - 7 Tage
- Palácio Yoga Break - 4 Tage
- Palácio Pilates Break - 4 Tage
- Palácio Tailored for your Senses - 5 Tage
- Surf  and Relax - 4 Tage


- The Choice is Yours and we Make it Happen - 3 oder 7 Nächte