Fathers Day Lunch

Celebrate Father’s Day with a refined and unforgettable dining experience at the Palácio Estoril Hotel, Golf & Wellness.

Father’s Day Tasting Dinner at the Grill Four Seasons Restaurant

Luxurious fish soup accompanied by langoustine
Roasted seabream served with grilled aubergine, assorted vegetables, and celery
Farmhouse chicken breast filled with foie gras, complemented by parsnip purée, braised sweetheart cabbage, and caramelised onions
Chocolate and mint textures

When: 19th March 2023
Booking & Details

€60 per person, drinks included.
Fathers enjoy a 50% discount when accompanied by a family of at least 2 members.

For more information or reservations Email: concierge@hotelestorilpalacio.pt Tel. + 351 214 648 140

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