Saints' Soiree at Palácio Gardens

Dive into the heart of Lisbon’s annual festivities, right here at Palácio Estoril. Savour a sumptuous buffet dinner under the stars, enlivened with spirited live music.

Feast on the season’s favourites like sardines, bifanas, and belly pork, all freshly grilled and waiting for your plate. June’s vibrancy paints Palácio Estoril with richer hues – the melodies, traditions, and tantalising flavours of the saints’ celebrations come alive. This enchanting evening, set amidst the beauty of Palácio Estoril Gardens, beckons you to become part of a timeless tradition.

When: 16th of June 2023, from 7pm to 10pm.
Booking & Details

All-inclusive Buffet: €60 per person
Dress Code: Smart Casual
Kid-friendly atmosphere
Complimentary for children up to 3 years 50% discount for children aged 4 to 8 years.

For more information or reservations Email: Tel. + 351 214 648 140

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