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Wellness & Spa Packages

Reboot and Re-Balance 7 Nights

Your Well-Being and Health Programme

This is the perfect  health programme for those focusing on the recovery of chronic diseases or just  looking for re-balancing the overall health condition.

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Sports Performance 5 Nights

Reach your fitness and athletic objectives!

After a comprehensive evaluation, a personalized program will be implemented to help you reach and exceed your training goals increasing your overall well-being.  

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3 Night Beauty Booster

A unique beauty and well-being programme!

Discover how the body and mind find the perfect balance, enjoying evasion rituals that make you delve into a sanctuary for your senses.

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3 Day Detox

Focused on your absolute well-being!

A programme that aims at the corporal detoxification, plus a set of complementary and effective treatments.

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Wellness 5 Nights

Improve your lifestyle!

Tranquility, vitality, pleasure and health in a programme with treatments tailored for you.

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Anti Ageing 7 Nights

Ageing in a healthy way!

Accept that ageing is not the enemy and start taking care of yourself today, to prevent the onset of tomorrow's disease .

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De-Stress 7 Nights

Learn how to manage stress!

Take a perfect break to rebalance and lessen the impact of stress in your life, in a unique quality environment.

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Slimming 7 Nights

A healthy proposal!

Get to know our suggestion with a plan, focused on a balanced diet and regular physical exercise, complemented with exclusive treatments for you.

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Fitness Break 4 Nights

A great variety of fitness classes!

Our goal is to help you gain strength and improve your stamina through our functional training philosophy.

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Three Night Golf & Spa Package

Relax your mind with exclusive treatments at the award winning BANYAN TREE SPA Estoril while enjoying challenging rounds at the famous Estoril Palace Golf Club, designed by MacKenzie Ross and known as one of the most emblematic clubs in Portugal

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Healthy Pregnancy 7 Nights

Your well-being pregnancy!

In a unique space of relaxation, live your pregnancy with specialized and self-oriented activities that promote health and well-being.

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Physical Rehabilitation 7 Nights

Balance between body and mind!

Enjoy a healthy stay while providing you with integrated health monitoring.

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Well Being Pamper Programmes

Banyan Tree Spa Estoril offers you a Luxury Package for a relaxing stay in Estoril. Awaken your senses and let yourself be pampered!

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Sense of Rejuvenation 7 Nights

Retreat from the daily grind and surrender to tranquillity. Unwind with daily spa treatments at our award-winning Banyan Tree Spa

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