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Spy Catcher Event


Welcome to The Estoril Palacio Spy Catcher! 

Estoril is world renowned location for spy’s ….real and imagined. It was home to hundreds of spy's during the WWII. Whilst the German spy's were based in the nearby hotels, the Hotel Palácio was the preferred residence of the allies and their secret agents!

Later in 1968, The most famous secret agent of all, James Bond, enjoyed the “excellent service as usual” during the film ”On Her Majesty's Secret Service".

Now it’s your turn to try and graduate from Portugal's most Secret Academy at the Hotel Palacio, Estoril.


- Solve this murder to graduate from the Spy Catcher, by compiling the information released via challenges, puzzles, enigmas to identify the spy’s assassin. 
- Each team receives an iPad to aid them on this journey of espionage, around the Hotel and its grounds.
- An eye for detail, an excellent memory and a competitive streak plus a large dash of creativity is what’s required of you and your spies for this fun, competitive team event.
- This challenging and exciting activity suits all multicultural groups and works equally well with 12 people as with 212.

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