Estoril Bar

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and Ian Fleming, what do they have in common? Besides espionage and their contemporaneity, both started writing “The Little Prince” and “Casino Royale” in this iconic and historical bar.

International espionage headquarters in the past, Bar Estoril is nowadays a cosmopolitan spot for those who enjoy tasting signature cocktails, such as the famous 007 Martini, or other popular drinks found on our menu, paired with national and international tempting delicacies, also available in the Afternoon Tea.

Opening Hours

Open Daily
9 am to 1 am


Rua Particular
Hotel Palácio
2769-504 Estoril


Complimentary for bar patrons spending over €20.

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Absolut Must-Go
Fisherman's Buffet Dinner
Allow yourself to be seduced by the charm of the Estoril and Cascais coast for a unique gastronomic experience.
Popular Saints Festivals at Palácio
Dive into the heart of Lisbon's annual festivities, right here at Palácio Estoril. Savour a sumptuous "arraial" under the stars, enlivened with spirited live music and street food.