Organic Caffè

The Organic Caffè is an excellent place for a snack, lunch, breakfast, or something in between. It offers a relaxed setting to unwind, enjoy music, and savour a delicious menu featuring aromatic, fresh, and healthy ingredients. With an authentic atmosphere, terrace, and take-away service, it’s a dedicated choice for those passionate about healthy food.
Detox & Energy
Where breakfast is a rejuvenating experience.
Dive into our signature detox selections, such as the invigorating Detox Green Machine or the vibrant Detox Beet and Blend. If you fancy something hearty yet wholesome, our homemade granola with yoghurt, topped with a medley of fruit and seeds, is a firm favourite. And for those with a sweet tooth, our fluffy pancakes and freshly baked homemade cakes are not to be missed.

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday,
7:30 am to 5:30pm
Weekends and bank holidays,
8 am to 4 pm


Rua Particular
Hotel Palácio
2769-504 Estoril


Street parking

Book for 8+ guests
Indulge in exquisite evening dining, perfectly enhancing your daily discoveries.
Eventful Dining
Discover extraordinary culinary experiences, where every meal becomes a memorable occasion.
Absolut Must-Go
Valentine’s Dinner
This year Valentine’s Day, immerse yourself in a world where fine dining meets the art of wine. We extend an invitation for an unparalleled romantic wine pairing experience.
Valentine’s Champagne Afternoon Tea
A romantic Champagne Afternoon Tea, with live music at Palácio Estoril Hotel