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Optimal Health Programme 7 Days

By doing a Reset, your whole body can return to an optimal state where we can begin to heal, restore and renew by adopting new and permanent healthy lifestyle habits. With a rigorous and integrative assessment of the overall health condition, a detailed and personalized action plan will be carefully followed and monitored.

Your OPTIMAL HEALTH 7 Day programme includes:

One Preliminary phone consultation with lead doctor

Personal wellness assistance:
Welcome session to detail the program & assist during the stay

One Initial General Practice consultation
General medicine is one of the specialties responsible for primary health care  and is dedicated to the long-term health of individuals of all ages, by general health assessments, advise on preventive care, health surveillance and examinations with a key role in promoting health and preventing disease.

One Biofeedback - Quantic Medicine initial consultation
Quantic Medicine (Biofeedback System) relies on the most sophisticated and modern frequencial and electrical knowledge, which allows us to measure reactions of various body parameters as well as to stimulate their reactivity and functioning.

One Darkfield microscopy blood analysis:
This is an analysis of your body’s internal environment. A single drop of blood from your finger is able to provide a composite of over 25 aspects. Darkfield microscopy now allows us to observe multiple vitamin and mineral deficiencies, toxicity, and tendencies toward allergic reaction, excess fat circulation, liver weakness and conditions that favour arteriosclerosis.

One Nutrition consultation with Bioeletrical impedance analysis:
The nutrition consultation will begin with a short assessment including body mass index, waist hip ratio and body fat percentage. The nutritionist also may ask you detailed questions to determine your current eating habits and give advice on how they can be improved. The aim of the program is to motivate you into improving your nutritional lifestyle, not just whilst you are with us, but when you return home as well.
One Integrative, Preventive and Regenerative Health consultation:
Integrative, Preventive and Regenerative medicine employs the latest scientific research and clinical preventive medicine to slow down conditions associated with aging. Through preventive screenings, early disease detection, prompt intervention and optimal nutrition,  to help fight and slow down age-related disease and dysfunction.

One Ozone Therapy session:
Ozone therapy is the administration and or absorption of ozone with puré oxygen in order to optimize the amount of oxygen in our body. Clinical ozone has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and detoxifying properties, which makes it an excellent treatment to reduce inflammation, reduce free radicals and is used as a treatment for various pathologies but is also increasingly used in aesthetic medicine applications. This technique is performed by a specialist who determines the proper dosage according to the patient´s condition.

One Mind-body individual psychotherapy session:
The aim of therapy is to contribute to a person's overall well-being, growth and understanding of themselves and their current difficulties, facilitating their discovery of new and creative ways to express themselves and helping them to deal with challenging life situations. 

One Private guided meditation session:
Each session will consist of guided mindfulness meditation, discussion to clarify the instructions and concerns about the integration of practice into your daily life. At the end of each lesson you will be given a practice assignments and reading for you to work with between the lessons. You will also receive access to the dedicated learning platform containing home practice materials including downloadable guided meditations.

One Introductory Fitness assessment & advice with personal trainer:
This assessment allows us to get to know you and your goals bit better and to address your specific physical needs. During your initial assessment, a coach will work with you to get an overall sense of your movement capabilities to establish your starting point. This is a comprehensive assessment of your current fitness level and is a great first step for every level of athlete.

One Personal Training session (60-min):
Tailor your workout specifically to your needs and goals with this one-on-one coaching sessions. Whether your goal is weight loss or to build muscle, our personal trainers will help you reach your goals. Our expert trainers focus on your long term goals to help you achieve, stay motivated and live a healthier way of life. Your personal training sessions will be done in our fully equipped gym or at the beautiful surroundings such as the walking distance beach or the Casino beautiful gardens.

One Traditional Chinese Medicine Session:
Practitioners approach healthcare from a holistic standpoint, looking for the underlying imbalances and disharmonies behind any illness’ or conditions.

One Vichy shower with massage and body scrub:
Essential care consisting of an exfoliation and moisturising massage under the soft and relaxing touch of warm showers over your body. This gentle sea salth scrub will remove dead cells, hel to smooth the skin and stimulate the production of collagen, making the skin firmer and softer.

One Vichy shower massage:
Enjoy the incredible feeling of receiving a revigorating and deep tissue massage under the soft and relaxing touch of warm showers over your body.

One Banyan Tree Spa – Head & Shoulders Reliever (30-min):
Let your therapist knead your stress and headaches away with this simple but effective massage to improve flexibility and blood circulation within the head. Guests can choose to enjoy this massage with or without oil.

One Banyan Tree Spa – Full body massage Your choice (60-min):
Banyan Tree Spa features an indulgent array of massages, each designed to soothe the body and release muscle tension through the healing touch of our professionally trained therapists. Emerge from each massage completely relaxed and rejuvenated.

One Lymphatic Drainage:
The Lymphatic Drainage massage acts directly on the circulatory and lymphatic systems. This technique enhances the removal of toxins, fat and accumulated fluids, as well as the improvement of blood circulation, acting in the prevention of varicose veins, also easing the intestinal transit. It is an excellent supplement for the silhouette program.

One Facial treatment Seconde Peau by Biologique Recherche:
A world first in professional aesthetics, this regenerating and lifting treatment is created using an electrospun mask with 80% pharmaceutical grade hyaluronic acid for Skin Instants© damaged by the signs of ageing.

Six Daily Energy Shots:
Daily morning Energy /  Immunity Boost natural drink at the Organic Spa Caffè.

Six Healthy Lunch:
Daily Lunch-menu at Organic Spa Caffè.

Daily Fitness Group class:
Your choice from our schedule (1 group class / day subject to availability)

Unlimited access to the Dynamic Pool:
HydroBanyan Circuit – Hammam, sauna, sensations showers, jacuzzi, Turkish bath, jets

Complimentary use of the Gym facilities:
With expert supervision of a qualified and talented personal trainer.

Final Report by lead doctor with personalized take-home plan

Price per Person: 1.710 €*


*Price does not include accommodation or any other services not mentioned. Programme duration: 6 Days. Programme not available between 1 and 31 August and 15 December to 5 January

Terms & Conditions apply
Prices per person, in Euros, including VAT at the current rate and valid in 2021 & 2022.
Valid until 31st December 2022
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